Monthly Updates – January 7, 2013

Upper PeeDee Farm and Food Council

Information Updates – January 7, 2013



+++CONNECT Our Future:  Food Systems Work Group members were invited to the CONNECT Consortium, Dec 14, to discuss needed indicators to assess regional systems such as the farm and food system. The “Food Systems” document is in your black notebook; go to read more about our building a regional growth framework for the 14 county Charlotte region.  Two Open Houses were held in Stanly and one in Wadesboro in Dec to collect public input into the project.  30 in all will be held in the region.

+++Monarch’s MAGICAL (Monarch Ability Garden Integrating Community and Land) community garden ground-breaking ceremony on Nov 27 in Albemarle.  Purpose is “to provide a place for people to gather and learn about sustainable gardening while reaping the benefits form expanded access to locally grown healthy foods.”

+++Farm Fresh Ventures Farm Coop – Will be located at the Farmers Market, Wadesboro, Anson County

+++Anson New Tech HS “Living Off the Land” – Students continuing their research and community leaders are providing mentorship.

+++Montgomery Community Kitchen – Will open officially end of Dec, but have already opened the community center with Farmers Market Assn to have its annual meeting there this Thurs

+++SCC SMC’s REAL Ag curriculum hoping to get started by early spring.  Contact Tom George at SCC or Jeff Rieves, Union Ag Agent, for more info (see your general list of contacts.)

State/SE Region


+++NCDA&CS Farm to School Program – Montgomery and Stanly Counties participated in this program in Dec.  Schools purchase locally grown fruit and vegetables from GAP certified farmers for their schools.

All UPFFC members are asked to relay updates on these and other projects to Nancy to put on the new website, etc.



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