Monthly Updates – Feb, 2013

Upper PeeDee Farm and Food Council

Information Updates – Feb, 2013



+++CONNECT Our Future:  Food Systems Work Group – The next meeting is Tuesday, February 12, from 12:30 – 2 at the Charlotte School of Law, 2145 Suttle Ave, Charlotte, NC. Rebecca Dunning of the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS) will discuss food-related indicators and to help us make determinations for what data to track through the CONNECT scenario models and the Food Systems consultant.


+++Monarch’s MAGICAL (Monarch Ability Garden Integrating Community and Land) Community Garden, Albemarle – “to provide a place for people to gather and learn about sustainable gardening while reaping the benefits from expanded access to locally grown healthy foods.” An Advisory Board of local community members has been formed.  They are partnering with SCC to get the raised beds built.  Grading will be completed soon, and equipment has been purchased. To help work the garden or promote it, contact Kerry Martin, Site Manager, 704-475-3930.


+++Farm Fresh Ventures Farm Coop – Now incorporated with the state of NC. Bank account is being set up, upgrades are happening at the Wadesboro Farmer’s Market, the aggregate site, and they will start selling subscriptions next week.  They have nine core growers who have signed on from Anson, Union, Stanly, Montgomery and Richmond Counties, and even one from Chesterfield, SC. First boxes are planned to go out first of May. The board has been organized, officers elected, bylaws adopted, March meeting set up, and CE agents will be meeting with growers to sign contracts and begin consulting for the produce they will grow for the coop.  If you wish to purchase a subscription, contact your county’s Cooperative Extension office.


+++Anson New Tech HS “Living Off the Land” –Students are currently finishing business plans and marketing plans. Each group will present their plans on April 19th. If anyone is interested in participating in the presentations either as an observer or participant (may have resources to donate either monetary or materials), please contact Chris Stinson, Principal, at 704-694-7447.


+++Montgomery Community Kitchen, Troy – The Kitchen is now open and serving food to seniors in Montgomery County.  Paperwork is being finalized to allow farmers and interested parties to operate in the Kitchen.

+++SCC SMC’s REAL Ag curriculumHow to Start a Farm Business NC REAL $65 – 8 week class – Have you ever dreamed of living off the land? Do you have some available acreage that “needs to pay for itself”? Would you like to learn how to manage a farm? This class is part of the NC REAL Entrepreneurship program designed to help participants develop skills, expand their knowledge, and create tangible products, including new enterprises.
Tuesday, February 26th. – April 16th. Hours: 6 pm – 9 pm, Crutchfield Campus, Room 138, Route 24/27, Locust

To register, contact Tom George, Dir of Econ Devel, SCC, tgeorge5857or Jeff Rieves, Union Ag Agent.Director of Economic Development


State/SE Region

+++The Biotechnology Program at NCSU will be hosting Frontiers in Biotechnology this spring, the first in a new symposium series sponsored by BASF Plant Sciences.  Pamela Ronald from UC-Davis ( will be presenting a seminar titledTomorrow’s Table: Plant Genetics and the Future of Food on Thursday April 25, 2013 at 2:00 pm in the new Hunt Library Auditorium on Centennial Campus at NC State. Additional information coming soon!

Please forward this announcement. The seminar will be appropriate for a general audience. All are welcome to attend. Please forward any questions or concerns to Laura Schenkman, Program Specialist at


All UPFFC members are asked to relay updates on these and other projects to Nancy to put on the new website, etc

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