Monthly Updated – March, 2013

Upper PeeDee Farm and Food Council

Information Updates – March, 2013


+++Monarch’s MAGICAL (Monarch Ability Garden Integrating Community and Land) Community Garden, Albemarle – “to provide a place for people to gather and learn about sustainable gardening while reaping the benefits from expanded access to locally grown healthy foods.”  To help work the garden or promote it, contact Kerry Martin, Site Manager, 704-475-3930.

+++Farm Fresh Ventures (FFV) Farm Coop – Now incorporated with the state of NC, FFV is selling subscriptions for boxes of produce. Upgrades are happening at the Wadesboro Farmer’s Market, the aggregate site, and nine core growers have signed on from Anson, Stanly, Montgomery, Union and two other counties. First boxes will go out to customers first of May. The board has been organized, officers elected, bylaws adopted, March meeting set up, and Cooperative Extension agents will be meeting with growers to begin consulting about the produce they will grow for the coop. Anyone wishing to purchase a subscription, contact your county’s Cooperative Extension office.

+++Anson New Tech HS “Living Off the Land” – Students will be processing chickens at Bountiful Farms (Polkton NC) and will have all natural whole chickens available on March 27th. The cost is 6$ a pound. Anyone interested in purchasing a chicken can contact the school at 704-694-7447. Each student group will present their marketing plans on April 19th. If anyone is interested in participating in the student presentations either as an observer or participant (may have resources to donate either monetary or materials), please contact Chris Stinson, Principal, at 704-694-7447.

+++SCC SMC’s REAL Ag curriculumHow to Start a Farm Business NC REAL  8 week class began Feb 26 with 23 students!  This class is part of the NC REAL Entrepreneurship program designed to help participants develop skills, expand their knowledge, and create tangible products, including new enterprises.
Contacts are Tom George, Dir of Econ Devel, SCC, tgeorge5857 and Jeff Rieves, Union Ag Agent and REAL Ag certified teacher, 704-283-3741.ector of Economic Development


+++New Stanly Commons Farmers Market – This new farmers market will be opening in May on Mondays, 10am-2pm, at the Commons in Albemarle.  The goal is to encourage Public Health clients and employees of the county and hospital to buy fresh, local fruits and vegetables.  The Public Health Department has been investigating ways to combat the obesity epidemic, and this is one way that will not only address that need, but also contribute to the growing local farm and food system in our region.  The market, limited to foods only, is funded by the federal Community Transformation Grant to address healthy eating and more.  There will be cooking demos to showcase healthy ways of preparing seasonal produce.  For information about selling, contact Jennifer Layton, SC Public Health Education Specialist, and market manager, 704-986-3018

+++Farmers Markets Opening – Look for these markets to open April/May and support our local farmers.  We will be listing all of their info in April Updates and on our new, upcoming UPFFC website.





The Commons, Albemarle/Stanly


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